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XInput not working with multiple controllers

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I've got an odd problem... XInput works, but only for one controller. For everything else it just gives me a ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED error. Code is rather basic, I'm just checking to see if the controller is there...
for (int i=0; i<4; i++)
  memset(&temp, 0, sizeof(XINPUT_STATE));
  DWORD result = XInputGetState(i, &temp);
  if (result == ERROR_SUCCESS)
    // controller available
Like I said, index 0 returns a result of 0 and can successfully get the controller's state. All other controllers (1-3) just return error code 1167... ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED. In Vista's gamepad manager, all controllers show up correctly and I can test them all with no problems. I'm using a USB wireless receiver to connect the controllers. Any ideas?

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