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need a second job

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Step 1) Learn how to spell "beta"
Step 2) Do some background reading
Step 3) Realise that beta testers generally don't get paid, and change your goal to become a Quality Assurance Engineer.
Step 4) Sign up for every public beta test that you can, even though you wont get paid for it. Put the experiences on your resume.
Step 5) Get some books on Quality Assurance, in general and specifically for software.
Step 6) If you're still interested in QA after skimming/reading a couple of text books on it, go get a degree or certification.
Step 7) Start sending out resumes with cover letters explaining that you would like to work from home.
Step 8) Either Profit or Fail.

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As Hodgman pointed out, there are not really any beta tester "jobs" per se. The job options in terms of testing games are:

-There are Quality Assurance testers that work alongside development teams to track down as many bugs as possible. These positions don't generally have too many qualifications, but spelling "beta" is probably one of them. Communication skills and a genuine love for games (i.e. a deep understanding of how games work from an end user's perspective) are definately major pluses for candidates for these positions to have. The better QA testers are very valuable to a team. I can't count how many issues I have been able to avoid over the years simply by bringing senior testers into feature design and implementation meetings. Because of the general lack of required qualifications, and the high number of testers needed in the industry, it's usually easy enough to get a job, the downside of this is that for every awesome tester, you get 10 who are useless.

-There are Test or Automation engineers that write scripts that automate running through the game to try and catch a lot of deep bugs that would otherwise be time consuming to test and retest. These people are generally engineers by trade, so if that doesn't describe you, then this position isn't for you.

As for getting paid to play beta versions of games... I don't think I've ever heard of such a thing (although I haven't been around that long I guess).

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