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Making copies of virtual objects

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Hey all, I have a 'Mission' class, and a number of specific missions that extend from this base class. For example: class Mission { public: int missionLevel, cashReward; bool completed, failed; Mission(); virtual void Update() {cout << "base" << endl;} }; class Cop1 : public Mission { public: int arrestsRequired; Cop1(); void Update() {cout << "mission1" << endl;} }; etc.. I then have a Mission Manager object, which holds a vector of pointers to these missions. When a player selects a new mission, I want them to make their own copy of one of these missions, and update it as they kill/arrest people, etc. The problem I'm having is that when I make a copy of one of these missions, only a copy of the base class is made, not the specific mission. For example: Cop1 mission1; std::vector<Mission*> copMissions; copMissions.push_back(&mission1); Mission tempMission = *copMissions[0]; tempMission.Update(); //OUTPUTS: "base" I would hope that this would output "mission1", but it doesn't.. it outputs "base". I think I know why this is happening.. because I'm casting tempMission as Mission... However, if I do this: Cop1 mission1; std::vector<Mission*> copMissions; copMissions.push_back(&mission1); Mission* tempMission = copMissions[0]; tempMission->Update(); //OUTPUTS: "mission1" It correctly outputs "mission1".. but this time it doesn't make a copy of the mission.. but rather is alterting the original mission.. which I don't want. Basically I have to combine the two.. maybe I can use the heap? But I don't know how to create the right type.. I'd like to do something like: Mission* tempMission = new copMissions[0]; that doesn't work, obviously.. but hopefully it shows what I'm trying to achieve. Any ideas? Thanks.

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