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Marketing plan for a browser game

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Hi everyone, I am a game developer and my game is in BETA at the moment, meaning that the game is still under development and I don't pay for any marketing yet. The game is soon ready to be heavily marketed though, and I need to know about all possibilities by then. Also, i'm currently writing my major education thesis about online marketing which includes a marketing plan for my own project. The game is a text-based fantasy browser game played realtime and it will be fully available as "free first fix". After this we will make some features only available for paying customers. I do have some money to use on advertising, but it's definitely not hundreds of thousands. At least not before I have found the exact ROI. Right now, im thinking of these options: Free marketing:Inclusion of game in various toplists, game databases, game directories etc. and subtly "spamming" relevant discussion boards with description/link. SEM - AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing SEO - all related disciplines Banner campaigns - for an example through GAO, cpmstar or selected topsite listings. Viral marketing - creating an incentive point system, where users gain points by referring new users, voting on the toplists etc. Viral marketing - creating a small playable application for our game for distribution via clearspring to community sites like facebook, myspace etc. Any other ideas? What pays off and what doesn't? Thanks in advance! Pelle, Glorious Games

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