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Problem with DevIL version ( ilGetInteger(IL_VERSION_NUM) and IL_VERSION )

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Hi, a short question on DevIL: I have downloaded the 1.6.8 RC2 version of the Developer's Image Library. (it seems that the project is no more active since 2006?) I work with Visual Cpp 2008. The library runs fine and I was already able to load some textures to OpenGL. My problem is this:
if (ilGetInteger(IL_VERSION_NUM) < IL_VERSION)
    /* wrong DevIL version */

Even though I have downloaded only 1 version of the library the if statement is always true! When I code this:
ILint IL_version = ilGetInteger(IL_VERSION_NUM);
if ( IL_version < IL_VERSION )
    /* wrong DevIL version */
    printf("Wrong DevIL version!\nFound %i, need %i.", IL_version, IL_VERSION );

It tells me "Found 166, need 168". What have I done wrong? I've already thought on compiling the library myself but what could be the problem using the library just like that? That's what it says on the website:
DevIL 1.6.8-RC2 for Windows (351 KB) This zip contains he .dll and include files-- good for a distribution, or a SDK.
Thank you for the help!

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