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david w

Ageia PhysX raycast

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Ok this may seem simple to you all but its driving me nuts. I understand how to raycast and get the results back. What I need help on is determining the "Actor" that is being intersected. It seems that I need to use getActor() but I cant get it to work. here is my code:
NxShape* closestShape1 = gScene->raycastClosestShape(ray,NX_DYNAMIC_SHAPES, hit,groupFlagB);

	if (closestShape1)
		const NxVec3& worldImpact = hit.worldImpact;
		dist = hit.distance;
	    //HitActor = getActor();

//NxShape* HitActor = hit.shape;//hit.shape->getGlobalPose();

	//	myactor = hit.shape->getActor();
//this will just move it a bit when intersected
	//	userData->setLinearVelocity(NxVec3(0.0f, 25.0f, 0.0f));


anyways I can get all the feedback I want except for the "actor" id or whatever it is. Thank you.

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