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[SlimDX] devicelost error

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I am running windows Vista, and when I am running a slimDX application and then press ctrl+alt+del my vista goes to an other screen (don't know how that screen is called but when you run vista you'll know). Now my problem is that when I return to my desktop my application gives an devicelost error where it should handle a devicelost error. this is my code:
if (_dev.Present() == Error.DeviceLost) // <-- here it gives a Direct3DException was unhandled error
                IsDeviceLost = true;
Is there a solution to this error? Am I doing something wrong? because I create this with only the help of the sampleframework :S Thanks in advance. ID

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This is the result of a glitch in the samples that we released for March. You need to tell SlimDX to not throw exceptions when a device lost occurs; we kind of forgot to put that line in. Add the following when your app starts up:
Configuration.AddResultWatch(Error.DeviceLost, ResultWatchFlags.AlwaysIgnore);
Configuration.AddResultWatch(Error.DeviceNotReset, ResultWatchFlags.AlwaysIgnore);

That's typed out from memory, so apologies if there's a mistake there, but it should stop the exception.

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