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Personally I suggest at least 10 more, like 40-70 or 45-70 to have more room in case of a sudden complexity increment in rendering.
Furthermore, 30 could be perceived as sluggish in some cases, generally when it comes to landscapes. In general, the longer the LOS is, the higher the FPS should be.
This is because the brain will try to extrapolate movements in relative displacement terms. As the "far away pixels" move alot on rotations, some quirks may be perceived.

For indoor 30 is generally enough but I personally find this metric to belong to the last century. I default to 45-90 although I admit that 90 is frankly overkill and I'll likely decrease it sooner or later.

LCDs also seem to give you some extra frames for free because of their - now admittedly low - persistency. CRTs do not have this effect.

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