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[java] remote PC access on mobile phone

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I do not know if it has been done or if it can but if it is at all possible i wish to make one, only thing i really need to know is how to get the java application on the PC to transmit the data to a server's database and how to control the mouse movements and clicks from a hidden application, is it possible to move and click the mouse by java? how about even reading all the pixels on the screen and changing the image to 640X480 with 256 color so it can be seen easily on most mobile phones i am not worried about bandwidth or space on the phone nor computer or server. i am just trying to get info on how to make one or a link to one already made (that is if even possible in java, i think it should be but i have no special libraries to do anything other than the things that came with the SDK) thanks in advance BrianTHoover

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hy, the Robot class can do the job.

You should be able to move the mouse, press keys etc. even when there's no window, just an invisble application running.

To check each single pixel use:

Robot.getPixelColor(int x,int y)

To make a whole screenshot use:

Robot.createScreenCapture(Rectangle screenRect)

Just convert all the pixels in the BufferedImage to a 256 color format and scale the image first. I don't know how all these mobile phones work, but you could create a big server for all the applications. The 'screenrecorder & event poster' could send the changed image of the desktop to the server using some sort of socket. You'll only need to know how to connect to the server with your GSM.

Good luck!

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