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Creating a window under X (linux)

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First of all, use Gnome or QT (or any other GUI Toolset).

But if you want to understand whats going on under the hood then I recommend to google for xcb or XLib tutorials (The first entries under google will show good results, if not look at wikipedia).

Since xcb will replace (internally) XLib try xcb. The API is cleaner and less... hackish.

But I wouldn't recommend it, since libraries like Gnome or QT(try it its easy) do all the dirty work for you. And for QT you always get an native look for your programs on every OS.

Just my 2 cents.

In this thread I posted some links.

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I'll take a look at those.

If I am going to learn to program under linux, I want to keep it as cross-disto as possible. Without having to have nasty dependencies. As I am from a windows background, I see the importance of making my apps work with minimum of fuss.

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