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Looking for playtesters for a PBEM wargame

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Hello all, I've written a simple PBEM (play by email) wargame, and I'm looking for play testers. The Border Campaign (terrible working name) is a alpha test of a PBEM wargame emphasizing fog of war. My eventual goal is to develop a fully automated play-by-web game; this is a test of the basic mechanics. The setting is an abstracted 19th century battlefield (think Franco-Prussian war or the American Civil War). Two teams of three players each will be competing to wrest control of a small province for God & Country. Turns will run two or three times a week, all communication being done through email. I'll provide a simple HTML/javascript interface which will prepare your orders for you. The game is expected to run a month or two and each turn's orders should take no more than 15 minutes to prepare. Each player will control a small number of infantry, cavalry, and artillery units. Visibility is limited to what the given player's units can see. In this round of testing, communication between team members will be wide open. If the test goes well, my vision is to eventually implement a chain of command with limitations on communication. If this sounds interesting to you, and if you are able to commit to sticking with the game for the next month or two, please drop me a line. I'm looking for 6 testers, but on the off chance I get many more, I can start up two games at the same time. If you are interested in being a play tester for this game, please contact me at bordergm@yahoo.com.

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