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entry point __CxxFrameHandler3 could not be located

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i am using:- Directx feb 2007 Directx10 winxp i developed ann app when i run it crashes whith this error "the procedure entry point __CxxFrameHandler3 could not be located in thr dynamic link library msvcrt.dll" so is there any way notto link with msvcrt.dll and link with msvcrtd.dll or msvcrtd0.dll??? i think the problem that framehandler3 is for vista can anyone help??????

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There are various mentions of this linker error online. From having done your preliminary research for you it would suggest that this is a general problem with mis-matched libraries and is a general C/C++ problem rather than a DirectX specific one.

I suggest you check your compiler/IDE configuration as well as SDK installations. Moved to 'General Programming' for further discussion.

You may also find this bit of reading interesting, albeit not a solution:
From CodeProject:
I've realized what the mysterious __CxxFrameHandler3 is for. When the compiler generates exception records for objects destructors it places there a reference to this function, which gets as parameters the frame info (including the list of destructors to be called) and is responsible for the following things:

1. Examine the exception and decide whether this block catches it.
2. Call the destructors during the unwind.


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