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Copy contents of one Python module to another?

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I create a temporary module:
scratch = imp.new_module("scratch")
scratch.__file__ = ""
sys.modules["scratch"] = scratch

If I load a Python source file into a temporary module using:
imp.load_source("scratch", fn)
Is it possible to somehow copy the contents of scratch into a different module? I'm loading several python files, each one can contain 0..n Python classes. I want to load them all into the same module called (for argument's sake) "data" at runtime. But I want to add the classes from each file to different lists. I thought I could use load_source to load the classes from one file into a temporary module, add them to the list and then copy them into the data module. I can't see how to do this or I can't see any better ways of doing this. I want to load and instantiate classes at runtime to make the application logic configurable at startup. If that makes sense. Any suggestions? Thanks

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If I understand correctly, you have several files with scripts consisting of class definitions, you want the classes to belong to the same module, and you want a "list" of which script piece these classes come from.

Maybe you can simply execfile() the scripts from the module's definition, providing to the scripts some object that can register class definitions (e.g. a decorator that knows where the class should be listed).

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