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Math help - Integral Equations and more

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I've started to get in to more advanced math topics that I unfortunately didn't study in university. Concepts such as integral equations are somewhat lost on me. Are there any text books or other resources you guys can recommend to help me out? I've taken up to calc 2 and a bunch of linear algebra courses in university...

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You have to get introductory course in the functional analysis first, probably.
It's essentially a calculus with variable functions. You also have to have some knowledge of linear and abstract algebra too.
Before the start you should know
Linear algebra - vector space, matrices, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, decompositions.
Introduction to abstract algebra - abstract vector spaces at least.
After that you can advance to introduction to functional analysis - functional spaces, linear operators, norms, basic theorems.
At this point you will understand which methods you problem require and can find your way yourself.

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