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While Loops

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Hey, I've started programming not too long ago and I've come across a problem with while loops. Lets say I char a variable named operator. I then ask the user for input using cin (for a + or -), and I wish to use a while loop to make sure the user inputs a + or a -. Here is a code example. ... char operator = ' '; ... while (operator != '+' || operator != '-') { // Do something... } ... I'm assuming the problem is in the or operator? Could anyone clarify this for me and give any known workarounds? Thanks

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The problem is that you say: while (operator != '+' || operator != '-')
which means: "While 'operator' does not equal '+' OR while 'operator' does not equal '-'"

It'll always run, because it cannot be both '+' and '-' at the same time, so one 'OR' the other, will always be 'not equal'.
You should say this: while (operator != '+' && operator != '-'), the '&&' symbol, means 'AND'.

This turns into: "While 'operator' does not equal '+' AND while 'operator' does not equal '-'"

This way, only one of those need to not be 'not equal' for the while loop to break.

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