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Forcing on Anti-Aliasing

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EternityZA    1226
my 3D app currently have no Anti-Aliasing, however when i go to my graphics card control panel i can force a certain level of Anti-Aliasing for all 3d aplications. This works perfectly fine for my 3d app but i dont want to change stuff in my graphics card settings for my app to work like i want it to. instead how can i force on Anti-Aliasing in my program itself i have a ATI card and i use java with the jogl wrapper (dont think this makes any difference though)

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nife87    520
Original post by Hodgman
This is off the top of my head, so I'm not sure how correct it is:

*** Source Snippet Removed ***

That will enable local anti-aliasing, which is rather slow compared to actual FSAA (Full Screen Anti-Aliasing) and this, I believe, is actually what the OP wants, since controlling AA from the CCC is mentioned.
Although I cannot remember how to enable FSAA with JOGL, I can tell you that it is usually applied/requested when creating the OpenGL context, since FSAA requires multiple extra frame-buffers for the sampling.

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