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[Solved] OpenAL source playing

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I have been trying to use streaming sound in OpenAL and for some reason when I try to load buffers after playing of other files starts, the new sound will not play. Is there a major delay between being able to play a sound and loading data into a buffer? [Edited by - DarkShogun on May 15, 2008 2:53:09 PM]

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Alright I was incorrect about diagnosing the problem. Right now I'm trying to play three different sets of buffers to stream audio. Two buffers are being used in a queued fashion, When I try to play these streams, it will only play one at a time. I'm assuming this would be something wrong with my buffer update function.

This is what I have for my update.
m_vStreams is a vector of pointers to structures I made
OggStream is the OggVorbis_File
nSource is the handle to the source given by OpenAL

ALuint nALbuffer;
int nProcessedBuffers;
int nBytesRead = 0;
int nReadSoFar = 0;
int bitstream;
char buffer[BUFFER_SIZE];
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < m_vStreams.size(); ++i)
if (m_vStreams[i] != 0)
// Get the number of buffers that have already been processed
alGetSourcei(m_vStreams[i]->nSource, AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED, &nProcessedBuffers);

// For each processed buffer, replace with new data and add back to the queue
while (nProcessedBuffers > 0)
// Take the first processed buffer off the queue
alSourceUnqueueBuffers(m_vStreams[i]->nSource, 1, &nALbuffer);

// Read in the data for the buffer
while (nReadSoFar < BUFFER_SIZE)
nBytesRead = ov_read(&m_vStreams[i]->OggStream, buffer + nReadSoFar, BUFFER_SIZE - nReadSoFar, 0, 2, 1, &bitstream);
if (nBytesRead == 0)
nReadSoFar += nBytesRead;
alBufferData(nALbuffer, m_vStreams[i]->nFormat, buffer, nReadSoFar, m_vStreams[i]->nFrequency);

// Put the buffer with the new data on the back of the queue
alSourceQueueBuffers(m_vStreams[i]->nSource, 1, &nALbuffer);

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

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Can you post your code?

BTW, I tried to do that few days ago, but I was unsuccesful. When I played some sounds, I could hear a strange sound at the end, sometimes even the beginning of the same sound. I thought it was a problem playing the end of the last buffer, but I couldnt solve it.

Thanks a lot.

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