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Anyone know of a free or opensource p2p network library?

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I'm thinking of adding p2p support for my little casual game. I know that Rakanet has some p2p functionality, but i'm looking for something more persistant and robust. -ddn

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Thats for the replies, to answers Hodgman question, I'm hoping to run the application in a persistant mode living in the background of the users machine, to do automatic matchmaking and game authentication.

It's up to the user if they wish to run a persitant peer node, but hopfully the benifits for them is worth it ( instant game joins and some sort of gammer points as reward ).

The idea is to use the p2p network for serverless matchmaking and game autentication. I'm leaning toward the idea of using an anonymous peer to do game authentication ( ie arbitrate games between peers ).

I've noticed that one of the biggest problems with casual multiplayer games is that there are no free matchmaking services for them. Hopefully if this works out, the protocols can be opened up and any casual game can use the network for matchmaking and authentication.

Currently I'm leaning toward writting my own protocols using Rakanet as base. What Rakanet doesnt do, I'll have to build.

Vast looks good, I'll read up on it and try intergrating it.

Thanks again!


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