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Online high score server free for open source/indie dev use

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If you’ve seen me post the exact same thing on another forum or two, please don’t hate me. This is free-as-in-beer software, and I am looking for ways to improve this project. For a while, I have wanted to have online scorekeeping functionality in my games. Earlier this week, I thought to myself, “Surely there is existing code for this. After all, it’s not a terribly difficult thing to do.” I looked - nothing. So I learned PHP/MySQL last Tuesday and finished the current version a few hours ago. Current feature set: -Sets up a table in a preexisting MySQL database -Easily add and retrieve score data via HTTP -Basic (very, very basic) authentication so people don’t buck the system too often -Handy script to insert a score display into your PHP-enabled web site -Python library! To do: -Expand the documentation -SQLite support -Write libraries for other languages I could *really* use some pointers with regards to the documentation. I’m afraid it will be too hard for a relative newbie to understand it. I would also like some theoretical PHP expert to look over my code with a critical eye, as I only learned the language two days ago. Also, if people could write ~50-line libraries in their favorite languages to use with this, it could become a neat little open source thing. For now, it’s under my home-grown ‘indie license’: noncommercial or <=3 people on a team. See an example and download it at the temporary location listed below. I welcome feedback of any kind.

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