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(My solution has limitations)TTF_RenderText_Solid convert sstream/string 2const char*

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Hello, I'm going to show you the function in SDL_TTF of TTF_RenderText_Solid(), then show you how I have my code to draw text on a whim though now I guess it's not, or I wouldn't be having this problem, and what possibly solutions I have "TRIED", yet failed in solving this issue.
SDL_Surface *TTF RenderText Solid(TTF_Font *font, const char *text, SDL_Color fg)

now when looking at this I say OK, what is going to be converted into an image as text must be a const char* Hm... OK.. I tried this, but I don't honestly like it. It works, but I'm having trouble trying to truly comprehend it, for it's something I just saw on a webpage, and through trial and error as I do with most code to learn I got it working, for what I wanted to accomplish.
string c_score;
string p_score;
itoa(cpu_score, (char*)c_score.c_str(), 10);
itoa(player_score, (char*)p_score.c_str(), 10);

//i have this function, which is in my gfx class file that draws text on the //screen for my game
gfx->draw_text(font2, (char*)p_score.c_str(), 100, height - 50, 0, 0, 0, 250, 250, 250);
gfx->draw_text(font2, (char*)c_score.c_str(), width - 100, height - 50, 0, 0, 0, 250, 250, 250);

As you can see it work, but how do I add, and say hey "Player's Score: " append score from integer to const char* I also tried sstream, but unfortunately got nowhere with it. I have this for now, and I guess it will do, but I'd like to know how I can append strings integers together and then convert them to const char* when I need to without going through for loops, calling miscellaneous functions that are truly not needed. THanks for the replies,

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Eh, no. That definantly does NOT work. The behavior you are engaging in right there is horribly undefined.

first off, to convert integers into string objects is fairly trivial...

int playerScore;
std::ostringstream ss;
ss<<"Player Score: "<<playerScore;

secondly, those itoa calls should not be there. The behavior is completely and utterly undefined. Not to mention, the pointer returned by c_str() is a const value_type*.

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I tried that earlier before resulting to that, and I got a error in my debug window


can't convert const char* to char*

so I went with the solution that did work. I know it would be ridiculed, but if I can get it to work, and ridiculed where I can get it working again and happily accepted here then I'll be happy.

I'll try your code.

edit: I know it was trivial, for I've done it many of times before in other games, but for some reason thought hey const char* must be const char* not string, sstream, string*, etc... So I tried everything in the world from converting sstream to const char*, but I failed :(

Thanks! ;)

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