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OpenGL swapping glut menus on Windows?

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Hey genii, take pity on a n00b and help me figure this one out. I'm setting up an openGL environment and I'm using GLUT to handle the right-click menus, including picking (so one menu pops up when you click object A, and a different menu pops up when you click object B). Problem is I'm switching the menus inside my wndproc, where I catch the WM_RBUTTONDOWN event. What I'm doing right now is on the event, I pick to see if I'm on an object, and if I am, I set and attach the appropriate menu. Then, to get the menu to actually show up, I PostMessage another WM_RBUTTONDOWN event. My problem is that I'm crashing every time I select a waypoint. The commented-out code is what's making me crash... bool setWayPtMenu() { /*int tmp = glutGetMenu(); if (tmp != wayPtMenuID); { glutSetMenu(wayPtMenuID); glutAttachMenu(GLUT_RIGHT_BUTTON); return true; }*/ return false; }// end setWayPTMenu And here's how it gets called in the case: WM_RBUTTONDOWN section... if (wayPtSelected) wayPtSelected = FALSE; else wayPtSelected = ps->mousePick((int) LOWORD (lParam), (int) HIWORD (lParam), RightButton); if (wayPtSelected) { ps->debug("Waypoint Picked!\n"); ps->debug("Menu set to Waypoint\n"); switchmade = setWayPtMenu(); } else { ps->debug("Menu set to Regular\n"); switchmade = setRegMenu(); } if ((!wayPtPostedMessage) && (switchmade)) { PostMessage(hWnd, WM_RBUTTONDOWN, wParam, lParam); wayPtPostedMessage = true; } else wayPtPostedMessage = false; Any ideas?

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