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New version of kW X-port for 3ds Max

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I've updated kW X-port to version 1.3.1-test. This version is for Max 9, 2008 and 2009, 32-bit only. In this version, I fix the bug with objects that has vertex colors. I also fix the bug with additional offset of objects that don't have their pivot at the origin of the scene. Finally, I fix a few crashing bugs when materials are unexpectedly unconfigured. I cannot fix the bug where you have to collapse the stack below the Skin/Physique modifier before export, because that is a bug in 3ds Max itself :-( -- click "download" at the top. kW X-port is free of charge! It exports from 3ds Max into the Microsoft .X file format, properly preserving skinning, scene and material information, with a large number of useful options related to coordinate systems, texture references and animation export. kW X-port also properly exports all parameters from the 3ds Max DirectX Material, which allows you to develop with the same HLSL shaders in 3ds Max as you will use in your game. Now I need to bite the bullet and learn WiX for real, so I can build an integrated installer, that also properly uninstalls previous versions, and doesn't have the Vista compatiblity problems that the Visual Studio 2005 built installers did.

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