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My tiles in memory

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Here there is the simple idea that i'm devving for load the tiles of my sprites in memory. I pick the idea from this article. http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article847.asp Here the code.

//frame class
class Sframe {
    SDL_Surface* image;
    int width,height,pause;
    int red,green,blue;//color key
    string name;
    friend class Ssprite;
    Sframe(const string&,int,int,int,int,int,int);
//in the costructor of Sframe i init image to NULL,
//sprite class (i clean the code from from everything not about cache tiles
class Ssprite {
    SDL_Rect pos;

    vector<Sframe> tiles;
    list<int> cache;

    SDL_Surface* screen;

    int offset,range,currFrame;
    int lastTicks; //for animation

    bool CacheTiles(int);

        Ssprite(const char*,SDL_Surface*);
        void Draw();
        void SetAnimation(int,int,int);


//draw fuction (thanks to borntocode)
void Ssprite::Draw(){

//if tiles[currFrame].image == NULL the tile isn't loaded
    if(tiles[currFrame].image == NULL) 

    if(lastTicks + tiles[currFrame].pause < SDL_GetTicks()){

        if(currFrame > range+offset)

        if(tiles[currFrame].image == NULL) 

        lastTicks = SDL_GetTicks();

//And there is the cache fuction
bool Ssprite::CacheTiles(int n){
        if(cache.size() > MAXTILESLOADED){  
            int index;
            for(int i = 0;i < 150;i++){ 
                index = cache.back(); 
                tiles[index].image = NULL; 
        for(int i = n;i-n < TilesToLoadAtOnce && i < tiles.size();i++){ 
                SDL_Surface* tmpSurface = SDL_LoadBMP(tiles.name.c_str());  

                    cerr << "Errore nell'apertura img " << tiles.name;
                    return false;

                tiles.image = SDL_DisplayFormat(tmpSurface); 
                SDL_SetColorKey(tiles.image,SDL_SRCCOLORKEY |    SDL_RLEACCEL,SDL_MapRGB(screen->format,tiles.red,tiles.green,tiles.blue));
                SDL_FreeSurface(tmpSurface);//libero la memoria della surface temporanea


        return true;

The vector Tiles is init by the costructor of Ssprite by parsing a textFile setting all SDL_Surface* image to NULL. What do you think about?Is it good? [Edited by - garulf on May 26, 2008 3:37:59 PM]

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