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Weird Problem with Saving Structures in Delphi

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Ok, I'm writing a small graphical application, and I need to save some of its results in a format that I can load again later. However I've come across a very, very strange bug that I just can't fathom. If I save my file, clear the screen then load it back in again, then my data is restored just dandy without a problem. If however I save some data, close the program, restart it and then reload the data, it comes up with errors. The errors occur as soon as the program tries to load a record-type structure, anything prior to that saves and loads just fine. The loading code goes like this: myfile := tfilestream.Create(filename,fmopenread); temp := readstring(myfile); {ReadString is a function for easy loading and saving strings to a stream. This works perfectly, don't worry about it.} if temp = 'Universe' then begin {checking to make sure the file is of the correct type - works fine.} myfile.ReadBuffer(l,1); myfile.ReadBuffer(ncol,1); myfile.ReadBuffer(nrow,1); {reading in details on how many records it needs to check. Fine.} for n := 1 to (ncol * nrow) do begin myfile.readBuffer(current,32); {This is where things go wrong, usually in the form of inaccessible data.} sector.AddWorld(current); {Special code by Ranger, which allows the creation of lists of records. Works fine.} end; {code doesn't even get this far.} temp := readstring(myfile); while temp <> '[End of Universe]' do begin routelist.Add(temp); temp := readstring(myfile); end; end; myfile.free; Can anyone guess what is going wrong here? I'm running out of ideas. It's probably something really simple and I'm just too close to see it. Ash

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