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Eclipse Project set-up

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Hi, Perhaps someone can help me set-up my Eclipse workspace. I have: 1. Multiple jar files coresponding to different product versions of an API. 2. One source folder containing source code that I cannot change. 3. One folder of configuration files common to all projects. 4. One folder of configuration files per project. So I'd like to see something like: Project 1 - source - - - config abc.xml Project 2 - source - - - config xyz.xml Project(?) 3 - really just a directory with some files in but I want to see it in Eclipse. api_V1.jar api_V2.jar - config common1.xml common2.xml - source - com.common.util - com.common.api Run configuration 1 = Project 1 source + common1.xml + api_V1.jar Run configuration 2 = Project 1 source + common1.xml + api_V2.jar ... Run configuration 8 = Project 2 source + common1.xml + api_V2.jar Now I've managed to load different config files as they're just Program arguments (e.g. I use "-c common_config_directory/common1.xml) and I can load the local config with teh VM arguments with a config path setting in the VM arguments. This is based on how the API I'm using works. What I'd like to know is: 1. How to get Eclipse to represent the file structure above. 2. How to modify the Classpath to select which API jar to use based on run configuration. Tried googling for this but all I get back is about plugin development :( Anyone know a good tutorial on setting all this good stuff up? The final step is adding perforce references but I'll leave that for another day.

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