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DS programming, before I start...

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Original post by nixius
So, while after I get a job I may play around with the DS some (as you say, if it's fun and I learn) I was really indiciating if spending my 2-3 months on the DS would prove an effective way to make a good profile piece that would impress. This seems to have a mixed opinions.

What kind of job are you looking for? I can personally attest to experience on DS being a good thing if you want to work on handhelds (actually I was a hobby GBA programmer and got hired to work on one of the DS launch games :) )

But if, for example, you want to work on more high end PC games, then you'd be better off making some simple 3D games for PC in those 2-3 months. I would say the most important things are a) know at least the basics of your target platform (shows that you know what you're getting into and therefore know that you WANT to get into it), and b) have a finished project, and not just a very pretty but half done tech demo.

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I see where you are heading with this. I am quite fond of my DS and handheld devices, but being quite honest I am open to any form of games programming. Whether it's handhelds, consoles, PC's, gambling machines etc I don't mind I just enjoy programming and being creative.

I understand what you mean about having something finished as well. I have a 3D game engine that has alot of functionality (combat, audio, menu system, changing environment, start of a partcile system) that I think I can definately use.

On top of that I also have a vertical scrolling SDL shooting game that was made to run on a PS2 (not all that impressive I must say).

A few reasons I am thinking of a DS profile piece is because it's a bit unusual, I like the idea of programming for the DS (I am terrible with graphics), it shows I take a keen interest in my work (that I will go to this extra effort) and also I wanted something other than school work to show.

But I am now thinking this may not be such a good idea. Can I really make something substantial from scratch in 2-3 months? I could probably make something more compelling for the PC and avoid the risk of my homebrew antics being frowned upon (as mentioned earlier). Also, as sort of pointed out, if I am not specifically limiting myself to a handheld-programming position perhaps my time may be better spent on 'traditional' methods.

Perhaps instead I could 'toy' with it just for fun and to learn. Then if I did apply for a handheld position I could perhaps mention it on my CV that I have some experience or at least bring in what I have 'played about' with on top of a more traditional piece.

Thanks everyone for all your comments, they have helped me alot :)

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