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HLSL Lighting moving the scene

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I'm in a bit of a confused state right now: In my vertex shader, I'm calculating the lighting on the scene. When I calculate all the directional lights, it works fine and when I calculate the point lights it works fine... but when I add both together, my scene doesn't display properly and moves with the position of the last point light.
//Directional lights
   for(int d = 0; d < gvDirLightCount; ++d )
   		tvTotalLightDiffuse += gvDirLights[d].Diffuse * max( 0, dot( tvNormalWorldSpace, (-gvDirLights[d].Direction) ) );

	//Point lights
	for( int p = 0; p < gvPointLightCount; ++p )
		float3 tvVec = gvPointLights

.Position - Input.Position; float tvDistance = length( tvVec ); float tvAttenuation0 = 1.0/dot( gvPointLights

.Attenuation0, float4(1, tvDistance, tvDistance*tvDistance, 0) ); tvVec = normalize( tvVec ); tvTotalLightDiffuse += max( 0, dot( tvVec, tvNormalWorldSpace ) * gvPointLights

.Diffuse * tvAttenuation0 * gvPointLights

.Range * 2); } Output.Color.rgb = tvTotalLightDiffuse + gvAmbient;

Any help would be appreciated

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My problem was with the gvPointLights and gvDirLights arrays.
Their size was set to 10 each, and when I reduced them to 8 each, it worked fine.

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