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[OpenAL] Music not playing

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Hello, I'm trying to play an Ogg Vorbis sound file in a game I'm writing. The code compiles/links fine and the application loads the song and runs, but sound doesn't come from the speakers. Any help? Here's the relevant code.
  alutInit(&argc, argv);
  alGenBuffers(1, &bufferID);
  alGenSources(1, &soundSourceID);
  alListener3f(AL_POSITION, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
  alSource3f(soundSourceID, AL_POSITION, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
  loadSong(c_filename, songBuffer, soundFormat, frequency);
  alBufferData(bufferID, soundFormat, &songBuffer[0], static_cast <ALsizei> (songBuffer.size()), frequency);
  alSourcei(soundSourceID, AL_BUFFER, bufferID);
void loadSong(std::string filename, std::vector<char> songBuffer, ALenum &soundFormat, ALsizei &freq)
	std::ofstream debug("debug.txt");
	int endian = 0; //0 for litte-endian
	int bitstream;
	long numBytes;
	char array[BUFFER_SIZE];
	FILE *file;
	if (!(file = fopen("stairway.ogg", "rb")))
	  debug << "OH TEH NOES!!11!!!!" << std::endl;
	vorbis_info *info;
	OggVorbis_File soundFile;
	ov_open_callbacks(file, &soundFile, NULL, 0, OV_CALLBACKS_DEFAULT);
	info = ov_info(&soundFile, -1);
	if (info->channels == 1)
		soundFormat = AL_FORMAT_MONO16;
		soundFormat = AL_FORMAT_STEREO16;

	freq = info->rate;

		numBytes = ov_read(&soundFile, array, BUFFER_SIZE, endian, 2, 1, &bitstream);
		songBuffer.insert(songBuffer.end(), array, array + numBytes);
	} while (numBytes > 0);



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The problem is that you are passing songBuffer by value, so loadSong() operates on a copy of songBuffer and doesn't change the original. To fix this, pass it by non-const reference.

Also, you should pass fileName by const reference (not because it will fix anything, but because it's more efficient). Finally, loadSong() doesn't even use fileName?

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