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[dx10]getting blended color where mouse clicked

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same Q&A here: http://forums.xna.com/forums/t/3484.aspx i adopt plan 4's CopySubresourceRegion, still have bug now, fixing ------------------------------------ Hi, Where the mouse clicked on the dx10 window, i want to display the 4-channel color info of that pixel as fonts. The special thing is, i utilize blendings (add/max/min), so i need final pixel color be an aggregated result, which could be out of [0,1] range. So i have to read texture rather than directly read screen color. Besides, it seems there's no way to directly read screen color. Below's my plan, i don't know if there're better solutions. 1, After the mouse is clicked, allocate a 1x1 texture T, set the viewport to be 1x1. Move the eye to the mouse's screen position P, and lookat in the same direction of the original camera (i don't know how to implement this move..lookat..). Redraw the scene to this texture. 2, read back the texture to main memory, use DXUT's font sprite to display a line of text near the mouse's position. Another solution will cost a whole drawing: 3, After the mouse is clicked, allocate the screen-sized texture T, redraw the scene to T. 4, stage this screen-sized texture and seek for the mouse position in the main memory. Or, use CopySubresourceRegion() to copy the related texel to another 1x1 texture first, then stage it back to main memory. Above solutions are both vague and seems troublesome. Thanks a lot for suggestions! [Edited by - yk_cadcg on June 11, 2008 7:34:00 PM]

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