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aircraft rotation code problem

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here i got an very complicated thing with some source, its about airplane rotation. my plan is. getting the camera matrix(ok) calculate a target point in the direction of the camera a bit away with a litte y++ ->that point is after rotation the nose of the airplane the new point the plane and the camera should look at i try to recalculate the new point (angle yaw,angle pitch)..and thats all for the theory i dont now if rotation of the plane(pulling the stick back) change the roll angle.. all i get are strange randomly look like roations.i am very confused i only want to rotate the planes nose up (using the roll angle)..
..eclipse java + openGL(jogl)

//calculate angle
public float winkel(float wtx,float wty)
	float e;
        wiii=(float) ((Math.atan2( wtx ,wty)*180)/3.141593)-90;
        if (wtx<0 && wty<0.0001) wiii+=360;
        if (wty>0) wiii=360+wiii;
	return wiii;	
//Calculate distance
	public float entf(float wtx,float wty)
	float e=(float) (Math.sqrt( (wtx*wtx)+(wty*wty) ));
	return e;

// get the Matrix of the Camera

	  gl.glRotatef(-view_r3, 0, 0, 1); //roll
	  gl.glRotatef(-view_r2, 1, 0, 0); //pitch
	  gl.glRotatef(-view_r1, 0, 1, 0); //yaw

gl.glGetFloatv(GL.GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, mvm, 0);

// view_r1 = yaw // view_r2= pitch // view_r3=roll

float tx=0.0f;	  float ty=0.1f;	  float tz=10.0f;
float tx1,ty1,tz1;
      tx1= (mvm[0]*tx)+(mvm[1]*ty)+(mvm[2]*tz);
      ty1= (mvm[4]*tx)+(mvm[5]*ty)+(mvm[6]*tz);
      tz1= (mvm[8]*tx)+(mvm[9]*ty)+(mvm[10]*tz);
      //New Angle view_r1  
      new_view_r1=winkel(-tx1,-tz1)-90; // the result looks ok ...

      float en=entf(tx1,tz1); //getting distance
      new_view_r2=winkel(en,ty1); //totally bug

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hello grhodes_at_work,

yes, i wrote the code and its open for everybody
if somebody need it.

'Are you looking for advice on a bug, or are you interested in understanding the theory of rotations?'

i am intressting in both.
a direct advice on the code would be perfect,
but its very important to understand the rotation itself.

i was trying a lot of things, but i know there
is an logical error where i need help


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