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[Indie] Invasion Civ-Like Strategy Game

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General Information I am making an independent TBS computer game for 4-5 years. I completed it and released it as a shareware. In short its like combination of Sid Meier's two game : Colonization and Civilization. There are 10 civilizations, different bonuses for every civilization, special units. In cities citizens can work on not only gold, food and production they can work on food, cotton, tobacco, fur, wood, stone, gold or petrol. In city buildings citizens can convert cotton into cloth, tobacco into cigar, grape into wine and fur into coat. Player have to collect stone to build buildings in cities. There are science charts like in civilization. Please examine details and give your ideas and advices about game. There are different buildings and wonders which effects military production, science research speed and culture in the city like in civilization. System Requirements Windows 98/2000/XP/NT/Vista, DirectX 5 and upper Web Page You can examine game details from Invasion Web Page Download You can download trial version of Invasion Turn Based Strategy Game from (11 MegaBytes) Invasion Web Page FileFront Screenshots : Feedback : Feel free to give your positive/negative comments and valuable feedbacks [Edited by - ozangumus on June 24, 2008 6:44:55 AM]

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I like the way it looks. Old school, but really polished. The gameplay feels very familiar, but I would have liked a fresher look in the tech tree.

There were a few snags I hit while playing; the first one was with the stone resource. I think you should give the central square one bonus stone. This would let cities that don't have any stone around them create buildings, even if slowly. I also didn't know how to activate a unit once it is set to defend a city. I tried clicking on it from the city menu, but it didn't work -- reading the in-game FAQ later showed the solution, but other players used to Civilization will probably try the same thing and fail.

There are a few other details to improve on. There seems to be a bug with your tutorial message code. The message to make a settler didn't disappear when I selected it. The menu and Invasopedia should have close buttons. A few nice to have features would be windowed mode and to let the player hold and drag the map in the Google Maps style.

The AI should be more aggressive and break treaties when it's in its advantage. Archers from other civilizations pass by undefended cities and never attack.

Also, I think softer music would be more appropriate. I found some of it downright annoying.

I know it all sounds pretty negative, but that's because I hope you can improve on these points and have a real winner in your hands. It's already entertaining, and very well done for a game of its complexity.

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention it but, I think you should add a shortcut to the programs menu and/or the desktop. It's too easy to install a game and forget it, simply because there's no icon around as a reminder.

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Haha! Nice. I'm a huge Civilization fan, and this is great. I also agree that stone should be centralized, possibly you could set up a transport system? Apart from that, the only other problem was the A.I. I hate doing a marathon Civ 4 game, only to have the A.I too scared to fight me, this may not happen very often, but its a bitch.

Graphics are nice, its all really cool. I hope you're going commercial?

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Thanks for your feedbacks.

Yes ruby-lang you are right. I have to add disabling fortify from inner city option. Also you have to see fortify units when you open city details menu.

I will try to add these options in Invasion V03. Also I can add some more slower musics and try to find balance between soft and hard music:)

AI is not very agressive because do not forget you are playing aganist easiest AI. Trial version only enables playing aganist easiest AIs.

I can add close button to main menu window but I will certainly add to Invasiopedia menu, I forget that one(Invasiopedia - close button).

Again thanks for all feedbacks. This game is so new I will of course add missing parts when feedbacks come.

Currently it is commercial. It is shareware but also I am developing. Trial enables playing till 1000 AC. But it is al ong trial.

By the way Butterman and Ruby I will think about a centralized stone option.

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Invasion V03 is released with new additions.

You can download from InvasionSetupV03 from :
Invasion Web Page

New additions :
(1) Flags for cities,
(2) News after sciences are discovered,
(3) Centralized +1 food (I could not add stone, I think stone have to be collected from city areas in any case.)
(4) War bug corrected, (AI was winning more).
(5) Annoying musics are replaced.

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