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Flyin' Irons: free 3D gravity racing game - source available

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Introducing FLYIN' IRONS: Full Steam Ahead! Download source - click "zip" at the top to get the latest version Development blog Have you ever looked at a steam iron and thought, "That looks really sleek and aerodynamic"? Ignore the tree if you can - I'm still trying to get it to render properly! Flyin' Irons is a 3D racing game in which players use the steam function of their iron to fly it, lander-style, around race tracks. The game is written in Python, using the Soya3D engine and Mark Williamson's excellent OpenLander (blog) as a game engine, whose development is running parallel to that of Flyin' Irons. The game currently features: - Two irons (selectable by editing source) - Hilly test track with checkpoints, start line, turn left and right signs, pond and ironing board - Iron uses up its water supply (fuel) when thrusting - Iron takes health damage from collisions - Refuel and repair by landing on the ironing board (pit stop) - One game mode: time trial with lap timer - Newtonian-style physics - Particle systems for exhaust smoke and ground smoke/jetwash - Thrust and collision sound effects Forthcoming features: - More tracks, more irons - Iron select and track select menus - Racing AI - Multiplayer - More features in the levels - Training mode - Championship mode and more! This game is free and open source and you can follow its development "live" as I update it. Download the source code for the game in a handy package from here (click the archive of your choice near the top of the page). Read the included readme for detailed instructions on how to build it - at the moment you'll need Python 2.4, Soya 0.13 and Blender, which are all free and amount to no more than about 40 MB of download. The build process is automated so as long as you've got the required things installed, you should get playing it without too much trouble. Linux users will have an easier time getting it running than WinXP users, but I'm developing it on XP so it is possible, and Vista seems currently unsupported by the Windows installers for Soya3D. However, I am working on an EXE version that will work on Windows XP and Vista. As it's in development I'd love to hear from anyone who's got it running, even just to say you've got it running. I'd also be grateful for any comments, criticisms, suggestions, even encouragement! Release the steam! Anthony

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