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Need review/feedback

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Hello all, I am pretty new to the game industry, and am planning to make a break through to the field. I am currently working in a video production company, which I found that its not really what I wanted (too much after effects and not enough 3D work :S). So right now, I am working on my folio, and would like you to help give me some feedback on what I have done and whether I am capable enough of getting into game industry. Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers! Btw, here is the link of my folio:

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Your modeling skills look good. The force is strong in this one.

But if you really want to impress a prospective employer, they'll be looking for some other things in specific. I'll just make a list:

1. Poly count. I see you've been using ZBrush to cram in as much detail as possible with the fewest polys. This is great! But they'll want to know what the final poly count is like. As would I before I passed any final judgement. Care to post some numbers on those? (The rock alien, specifically.)

2. Texture efficiency. Even with today's fast computers, producers still want to see that you can fill up that base2xbase2 texture as efficently as possible. (Which makes sense. If your artists are wasting half their texture space, the game will be wasting half its texture rendering time.) Let's see some textures with the UVWs overlaid. They'll want to seem them, also! (Mine tend to be over 100% efficient, but only because I'm a mirror-whore. I like to put symmetrical parts of a character over the same texture to save in-game render time.)

3. Rigging. If you hate rigging as much as I do, you'll be just as depressed to know that there is no "job" for rigging: It's expected of the modeler (or, rarely, the animator. But don't count on this!). Do you have any videos of your character moving their arms/legs around?

4. Portfolio and demo reel. Most places won't hire you without a demo reel (a quick, several minute tops animation of your model turn-arounds, short animations, and a catchy tune playing in the background), and either A. a personal printed portfolio you can bring into an interview, or B. a disposable portfolio you can send them in the mail along with a demo reel burned to CD or DVD.

Your art looks good, but all that glimmers isn't gold. If you can get back to us, I'll let you know if I'd hire you. (Nevermind that I'm in the same boat you're in: A game artist looking for some crumbs from the table of Activision or EA Games that I can lap up into a career.)

Also, do you use Max or Maya? Maya's in high demand, these days.

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