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i recently posted a message looking for some help with SVG in XNA, as a result of that i have started my own SVG project for XNA. i said i'd have a bit more info on friday(for those not completely disinterested) so here is is... Its called SaVaGe, my attempt at a cool, midy related name It’s about SVG, more specifically SVG and XNA. I am going to try to implement a reasonable subset of the SVG specification for use in XNA programming and in turn learn lots of stuff I didn’t know before. So far I’ve read the Specs for 1.1 and 1.2Tiny (Which are available at http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG ) in case you’re interested, and I’ve learnt Backus Naur Form (which is explained http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backus-Naur form) I’ve also started on a Parser for the <path> element and its “d” attribute Things are going well so far, other than the sheer inexperience with W3C specs it hasn’t been especially difficult. Having never even looked at implementing anything from the spec before I ‘m not really sure what sort of things I’ll need to be doing or any particular order, but I can guess. As so here’s the initial road map of things I’m doing(which may change) Initial Road Map Complete parser for Path Command Implement bezier curve calculations Implement smoothed bezier curve calculations Implement Quadratic Bezier calculations Add Polybezier support Implement Elliptical Arc Calculation Complete parser for Polylines Complete Parser for basic shapes I don’t currently plan on supporting text but that may change in the future. What I am to do is allow user to be able to import SVG files into XNA (either manually or possibly through the content pipeline) either as a series of data structures, Vectors or possibly as custom .x files I’d like to add all the functionality I can that I think would be useful then potentially separate it into smaller libraries for specific uses(whilst maintaining the complete library). As I said previously I don’t have that much experience in this sort of thing so any help/feedback/suggestions etc would be appreciated. looking at the end of next week for next update, there will also be a dev journal as soon as i get round to it i'm hoping to pick up ideas and suggestions from experienced coders so i can make it as useful as possible. Thank You

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