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Where to begin?

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Hi everyone, I am new to these forums and recently discovered this community. You could say I'm a noob and practically know almost nothing about programming but I was wondering if one of you guys could answer some of my questions. To begin with I was wondering what more should I focus on, Game Programming or Computer Programming in general. Next I was wondering what type of college I should focus on too. Should I attend a strictly Game Development courses or go to a regular college with a broader view over Computer Programming? I am seriously thinking of a Career in Game Development and currently reading Beginnning C++ Game Programming by Michael Dawson. I'm slowly learning about programming and how it applies to video game software. Your answers are very much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hey, I was new to this community a couple of months ago and almost the exact same question as you did.And I'm just telling you ahead of time that you are most likely going to get a lot of mixed responses. Like many say go to a college focused on gaming, while others say get a regular CS(Computer Science) degree. While I've have come to my conclusion after lots and lots of research and just asking questions on forums like this. I have chosen to go to a regular college and get a CS degree for many reasons.

- Getting a Game degree will enable you to work with companies to make games.But I've come across some situations where people's companies went bankrupt or there company went out of business and they had to go and search for another gaming company.
- A Computer Science degree will enable you to make games. And if a situation like that does happen, with a CS degree you will have learned the knowledge to perform other task. just in case you decide to switch from can program software applications.Or vice-versa.

Well you can choose what you want. There are 100's of people who argue on the subject. I just chose to go to a regular college so I have more flexibility.I'll be able to program games and Software applications for many different things.

Its coincedence that I asked the same question as you just months ago.And I am also in the middle of reading "Beginning C++ through programming " by Michael Dawson.Well its up to you to choose though.

I'd suggest you read this forum Topic regarding your question.It might help you get the answer to you question.

Game Dev degree or Computer Science degree

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