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GPU/DX Issues

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I didn't know where else to post this, but i am using a PCI card, one of the lastest ones: Visiontek 2400 HD PRO PCI version, its supports dx10, and has shader model 4. I have tried almost every driver, none of them is really correct for this card. But at the moment just to note i am using the lastest WHQl 8.5 ati drivers. Anyways, i have notice i am having some trouble in some of my older games, i am talking about 1999-2003, games such as unreal gold, urban chaos, the thing, flatout 2, etc. The problem seems to be similar to this: By choppy framerates, I mean it takes several seconds for my character to "catch up" to me. For example, I'll be running in Arathi Highlands and it looks almost as if several frames are removed and my character "jumps" to catch up. Turning, while in one spot, is very annoying. My character slowly rotates until it finally stops. It's quite frustrating and nausiating to watch. " Also, i notice in dxdiag. When doing the D3D test, the Spinning cube for DX7 is moving weird. One min its smooth, next its slow and skipping a bit, but DX8 AND DX9 is fine. Could be a driver issue, who knows. What do you think? Keep in mind: It only seems to happen in certain games, not all.

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