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[DX10] sprite state save

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Anyone noticed that providing D3DX10_SPRITE_SAVE_STATE will not restore all device states? At least in my case, even if I use D3DX10_SPRITE_SAVE_STATE in Begin(), the depth stencil state will be different after End() returns. Took me ages to track down this problem.

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Sounds like a bug. What SDK are you using?

I assume you're changing the depth state during drawing, and that the state is kept, instead of restored. (I.e., not some bizarre bug where the state is changed to something completely different.)

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Latest, June SDK.

I do it like this:

set states
ID3DXSprite::begin( save state flag )
[depth state messed up here]

I don't touch states while using the sprite, just invoke font functions.

Anyway, found an older post on a different forum, basically with the same problem.
That dates back to 2007/11, so it's not a new one. If I save all the states manually before sprite::begin and restore it after sprite::end, it works like it should. So it's not a big problem. It's just very hard to track down the disappearing depth state if you assume D3DX10_SPRITE_SAVE_STATE will restore everything.
From the docs:
Saves the state so that when ID3DX10Sprite::End is called, it will restore the state to the way it was before ID3DX10Sprite::Begin was called. "

Thus it seems using D3DX10_SPRITE_SAVE_STATE will not restore the ID3D10DepthStencilState assigned to the device before the begin().

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