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RPG Studio Easiest Fastest Creating Online RPG

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With utmost respect for everyone, My name is Frank Albert Pangajow, I have develop a freeware 2D Multiplayer Online RPG game wizard called RPG Studio. The purpose of this wizard is to make everyone can develop 2D MORPG very easy and very fast. The target audience is mostly for 2D/3D Artist who wish to create a sample game for High Profile demo to display their art capability in an actual game. Also for Game Designer / Level Designer as a tool for Rapid Game Prototyping to show their talent on designing the game itself. And for game story writer, to create a good story directly within a game (or collaboration between all of them). Lastly ofcourse for everyone to create their own dream MORPG without thinking about how to program or how to draw animation. The process for developing the game itself is very fast within seconds a MORPG can be played, NO programming NOR scripting involved at all, just mouse clicking. The interface itself is not very serious and scary, but fun and designed for common people minded. With a lot of video tutorial, FAQ Help and plenty of easy tools to use, everyone can contruct a game from ground up to a full blown serious Multiplayer Online RPG very fast. The online and multiplayer capability is automatic, no need additional effort. The game produced is a feature complete RPG, may even be compared with current famous 2D MMORPG such as Ragnarok Online, Tales Weaver, Mapple Story, etc. Visit RPG Studio site at: Thank you for your attention, I hope my effort will be useful to create your own multiplayer online RPG easier and faster. For moderator: My Apologize, I did not know is this the right place to post this topic. Also will you please add RPG Studio as one of the development tools? and host game created using it? Thank You. Sincerely, - Frank Albert Pangajow - Below is several screen shot taken from the two sample games, created uses RPG Studio within seconds or few minutes. [Edited by - frankap on June 16, 2008 11:52:23 AM]

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Minimum System Requirement For RPG Studio Wizard:
- Windows XP SP2 32 bit (Vista version will be released later)
- Pentium 3
- Memory 512MB
- Harddisk freespace 35MB (without additional library, tutorial and samples)
- Mouse Keyboard
- Sound card (for game sound & music)
- VGA & monitor 1024 x 768 pixel
- Ethernet card (for multiplayer)

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I have just add Vista Patch, so now Windows Vista user can also run RPG Studio smoothly, just download the patch and follow instruction here:

Thank you for your attention,


- Frank A. Pamgajow -

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