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Evil Steve MemMgr

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Ive just added Evil Steves (i think it was) MemMgr header/source to my project... and when i close my application i get an error message "Allocator Broken" from the MemMgr... what might be causing this?

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That happens if there's a buffer underflow / overflow that's overwriting the allocator's bookkeeping information. If you look up the call stack, you should see what [de]allocation is causing the problem; it's likely to be that one that's causing the buffer underflow / overflow.

You could also try removing allocations until the problem goes away to narrow down the cause, or modifying the memory manager to use larger head and tail sentinals (Currently it's just one size_t at each end of the allocation).

It's also possible that this is an actual bug in my code of course, but I can't see anything that would cause a problem like this.

EDIT: You could also try modifying the InternalAlloc() and InternalDealloc() functions to check the allocation linked list on every [de]allocation, to narrow down where the problem is occuring - the pNext member of the pPrev block from current should equal this. I mean, add something like this at the start of InternalAlloc and InternalDealloc:

AllocHeader* pBlock = m_pHead;
while(pBlock != m_pTail)
Assert(pBlock->pNext->pPrev == this, "Found broken block");
pBlock = pBlock->pNext;

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