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Alternative Resident Evil 4 Loader v0.1

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Alternative Resident Evil 4 Loader v0.1 Hello to all. After I acquired this wonderfull game and booted it, I was shocked by the fact that not only the gamecube controls where still left in the help documents, even the controls totaly sucked. Nevertheless this game is so cool that I had to do something about it. I wrote my own loader with redirects mouse input into the game. Just like the other loader you get with the game. The only difference is that this loader (to my opinion) has better mouse suport, altough sometimes very irritating I can aim a lot better using this loader. So for all ya Resident Evil 4 player on the PC here is my version of the Mouse hook. download


This program was made in order to make Resident Evil 4™ some playable on the PC. 
Although Capcom did include mouse support, I found it very limiting. 
That’s way this program was created, I like it more than the original mouse support but this may change per person. 
Just try it if you want, and don’t use it if you don’t like it. 
In this version the mouse speed actually depends on the speed you move the mouse, unlike Capcom’s mouse loader.


Are4L doesn’t need any installation, just run Are4L.exe and it will detect your game. 
Please make sure you have Resident Evil 4 installed and have an legal version. 
I never tried this version with an illegal rip but the loader depends on registry values the game installer puts 
into the registry.


When walking
Move mouse           – Look left/right
Left mouse button    - Action
Middle mouse button  – Draw knife
Right mouse button   – Draw gun

When aiming (gun or knife)
Move mouse           – aim
Left mouse button    – shoot/stab


When you run Are4L for the first time it will add two new entries to the setuptool.ini file. This file contains your Resident Evil 4 settings and can be edited with notepad or with the SetupTool.exe. Are4L settings can only be edited trough notepad. Here follows a list and description of all the new settings, they are contained within the [MOUSE] section in the ini file:
 - PollInterval = [ number > 0] The interval between input reads (in ms), the lower this value the smoother the input. 
   But it when it is too low it will slow down your mouse movement and may cause the framerate to drop. 
   20 is generally the best value. Increase this number to make the mouse more sensitive, and decrease to slow the mouse down.

 - ReleaseInterval = [ number > 0 ] This is the time movement will continue after a mouse move is detected (in ms). 
   A low number will give you very accurate input, but on the other hand can make your input jumpy (it suddenly stops 
   moving and starts moving again). 10 is the best number I think. May depend on your computer speed and mouse sensitivity. 
   Only change if the input isn’t smooth, slowly increase this number. 
   Tweaking shows that a too high value makes the game unplayable.


This program was created by Charlie Gerhardus, he is in no way related to the Resident Evil 4 game other than the 
fact that he likes to play this game. You may distribute this program as long as you keep this readmy file with
it and respect the fact that I created it. Have fun playing:P

Copyright (c) 2008 Charlie Gerhardus

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