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Compression in c++

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Im coding a game in which we have assets. To make it a little harder for the enduser to read/modify the files (nothing is ever 100%) weve decided to use some kind of compression routine. We have a datafolder, with subfolders and files. Ideally, we want to package this big folder to something like data.zlib, keeping the folderheirarchy intact. Most of the stuff Ive read on this handles compressing from file to file, or the other way around, decompressing from file to file. We cant do that, since if the regular files were created there would be no point in compressing in the first place. Is "in-memory decompression" what Im looking for here? Is zlib good for this? I find very few tutorials on it thinking of how popular it seems to be. Does it exist any wrappers around zlib to let me compress entire folders? Or does zlib already support it (cant find it in the manual)? Or is there any other lib better for the job?

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