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MCCP with Zlib in C# - Help?

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Hey everyone, I'm working on a MUD in C# (Yeah I know, I should use lua or python or whatnot, but I'm not, sue me.) and I've implemented most of the telnet options like MXP, MSP, etc. Now, I've finished the negotiation for MCCP and it works just fine but the problem comes when I try to actually compress the data. For those who don't know this just means that the data sent from the server to the client is zlib compressed. I've downloaded Zlib for C# from the official zlib website link, but I can't seem to compress the stream properly. I won't bother posting code because whatever I'm doing must be totally off. Basically I want to take a byte array, compress it via zlib, then return it. Is there any chance someone who has used Zlib for C# could help me out with some basic pseudo-code (or maybe even proper examples) for handling this properly? Thanks.

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