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[C++] Advise on whether to go pure c++, c++/cli, or c++ and c#

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My software is a back end system for an online game server. RakNet is used for the networking layer (required) and the environment is Win32. It needs to run as a service and multiple instances can be fired up on the same system. I am very happy with Cpp, CLI, and C#. I like .NET's ADO.NET and this system relies on a database heavily. So, my options are: 1: Pure Cpp - Everything is created in C++ language. - SQLAPI++ would be used for the database access but requires connection pooling to be developed in-house - Creating a service in native c++ I've heard is not as easy as .net world and I have never done that. 2: Cpp and CLI - Everything is created in C++ language except: - Database access is done through ado.net in cli - The project itself is a service so the service architecture is already provided by .net 3: Cpp and C# - Raknet is wrapped by C++/CLI application and only provides specific function access - (i.e. No streams, very specific such as "Login", "Move", "JoinRoom", etc.) - Everything else is done within C# world (logic, db access, etc) #1 Requires no coping of data from native heap to managed heap and vice-versa. It keeps everything in the same language, source file, context, etc. for easier code maintenance. #2 and #3 Would require coping of data. Which would add to latency but make it easier to implement logic and database access. Am I worried too much at the memory (overhead and fragmentation) or cpu cycles or network latency in the #2 or #3 scenario? I'm looking for long term support, evolution, and maintainability of the created software.

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