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need some advice in how to implement 2d zoom

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adding a zoom to my camera system was an afterthought, as a consequence Im finding some troubles on how to do this. let me explain myself a little bit further I have a very simple 2d camera going on for my program, where: - the camera has an x,y value, when moving the camera those values get modified directly. - every render call goes like this sprite_batch.Draw(texture, src_rect, Camera.Transform(dest_rect), my_color); as you can guess the Camera Transform just takes a data type (point, vector, rectangle) and add the inverse of its current x,y values; In this case protected Rectangle Transform(Rectangle Value) { return new Rectangle( Value.X + Camera.X * -1, Value.Y + Camera.Y * -1, Value.Width, Value.Height ); } Now the problem of having a zoom feature , as I have discovered , is that I not only need to know what is the zoom factor, but I also need to know how much the tiles displace. In the end Ive learned that this is not as trivial as using the spritebatch's draw overload that receives a scale factor, I also need to offset the tiles, and by doing that I think that I will need to transform my destination rectangle's width and height accordingly. any guidance about a possible course of action will be greatly appreciatted and I dont want to think about how Im supposed to do with my input handling routines once I have my zoom features in place :( Regards!

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