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Taking from L5R

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I recently started playing the CCG Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). I'm a neophyte and really only have about a 70% grasp on the rules, but I've come away so far fairly inspired by some of the concepts that make up the game. If you've ever played Magic: the Gathering, it's fairly similar except instead of elements (red, blue, green, black, white, etc.), there are Clans. And instead of land or mana, there are holdings that produce gold. I wouldn't suggest an L5R MMO per se because the audience isn't strong enough and most who don't know the game would think it's just another Korean MMO anyway. However, I do think some of the concepts from the game would be very awesome in an PC game format (MMO or strategy). The first one that really gets your attention is the ongoing storyline in the card game and that games played in official L5R events have a real and profound effect on the rest of the game and the way it's played. For instance, a guy at the game shop near me is the 2006 world champion. Because he had a certain card in his deck that he won the tournament with, his deck was deemed "tainted and the next set of cards that was released were a "dark" version instead of the "light" version. Also, clans get wiped out and/or absorbed into other clans based on official L5R games played. That whole dynamic in a CCG just blows me away... I think it'd be awesome if there was an online game where all the battles really mattered and your faction/realm/clan could be wiped out (and then merged/absorbed into another one), and the ongoing game story would reflect that and keep track of that game history. And the tactics your side used to defeat others affected the climate of the game.

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