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drawing image in GDI with color key

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When trying to render an image with color key in GDI in Windows: Given: *) an unsigned long* buffer of RGB pixels *) width and height of it in pixels *) a CDC* or HDC *) a position (x, y) *) a color key value (pixels of this color should be transparent) How can I draw that buffer of pixels on that CDC* or HDC such that the pixels in the unsigned long* buffer that have the color key value are NOT drawn? In other words, I simply want to draw an image with transparency (not blending, just 1 transparent color) on a surface in GDI. This without DirectDraw or anything, just GDI and things like StretchDIBits and stuff. The following code fails to do that, WHY?
void DrawTexture(CDC* ip_dc,
                 const unsigned long* ip_pixels,
                 size_t width,
                 size_t height,
                 int x,
                 int y)
  BITMAPINFO  bitmapinfo;
  ZeroMemory(&bitmapinfo, sizeof(bitmapinfo));
  bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biSize = sizeof(bitmapinfo.bmiHeader);
  bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biWidth       = (long)width;
  bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biHeight      = (long)height;
  bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biBitCount    = 32;
  bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biPlanes      = 1;
  bitmapinfo.bmiHeader.biCompression = BI_RGB;


  HDC m_hdc = ::CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);
  if (m_hdc == NULL)

  SetMapMode(m_hdc, MM_TEXT);
  SetStretchBltMode(m_hdc, COLORONCOLOR);        
  StretchDIBits(m_hdc, //if I put here ip_dc->GetSafeHdc(), it's rendered (really visible) but without the color key
                0, 0,
                width, height,
                0, 0,
                width, height,
                ip_pixels, &bitmapinfo, DIB_RGB_COLORS, SRCCOPY);    

  //even this instead of the TransparentBlt does NOTHING!
                x, y,
                width, height,
                0, 0,
                width, height,

//NOTHING AT ALL is visible after this, does it not work to go from the CreateCompatibleDC to the CDC* or something???
                x, y,
                width, height,
                0, 0,
                width, height,

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