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blitz 3d help

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Alright. So, I learned b3d from a book called 3d game programming for teens. I suppose the book was a good start, but there's many things in there that they didn't address/do right. Gravity for one thing. Mouse control for another. Which brings me to my problem. I'm trying to put together a set of code for me to put in my games that calculates physics. It's supposed to be FPS style. Well, so far I have the basics together, such as: ground type player type prop type the player moves. I have not yet set up gravity and I can't figure out mouse control. I have a basic idea of how I'm going to set up gravity, but because the book didn't address how to use the mouse, I can't figure it out. Help? By the way, here is my code so far. You can't really use it unless you have a certain model. ; Gravity ;_______________ camdistance=10 Graphics3D 640,480 SetBuffer BackBuffer() ; Creating the types type_prop=1 type_ground=2 type_player=3 ; Create camera player=CreateCamera(pivot) PositionEntity player, 15,0,1 EntityType player, type_player ; Creating a light light=CreateLight() ; Creating a terrain terrain=CreateTerrain(512) EntityColor terrain, 125,136,32 PositionEntity terrain, -300,-1,-100 EntityType terrain,type_ground ; Creating the sky sky=CreateSphere(32) ScaleEntity sky, 100,100,100 EntityColor sky, 102,153,255 FlipMesh sky ; Creating a sphere sphere=LoadMesh("arwing.3DS") PositionEntity sphere, 15,0,6 EntityType sphere,type_prop ScaleEntity sphere ,0.5,0.5,0.5 Texture=CreateTexture(16,16): SetBuffer TextureBuffer(texture) ClsColor 12,35,36 Cls Color 123,256,256 Rect 0,0,8,8,1 Rect 8,8,8,8,1 ScaleTexture Texture,.2,.2 EntityTexture sphere,texture ; This following code makes our program run Collisions type_player,type_ground,2,2 Collisions type_ground,type_player,2,2 Collisions type_prop,type_ground,2,2 Collisions type_ground,type_prop,2,2 Collisions type_player,type_prop,2,2 Collisions type_prop,type_player,2,2 While Not KeyDown( 1 ) x#=0 y#=0 z#=0 If KeyDown( 30 )=True Then x#=-0.1 If KeyDown( 32 )=True Then x#=0.1 If KeyDown( 208 )=True Then y#=-0.1 If KeyDown( 57 )=True Then y#=0.1 If KeyDown( 31 )=True Then z#=-0.1 If KeyDown( 17 )=True Then z#=0.1 MoveEntity player,x#,y#,z# TranslateEntity sphere, 0,-.02,0 UpdateWorld RenderWorld Flip Wend End TL;DR: I can't figure out mouse control.

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Heres the the code i use to read the mouse using blitz3d.

Global screen_x_size = 1024
Global screen_y_size = 768
Global color_depth = 32
Global frame_rate = 60

Graphics3D screen_x_size,screen_y_size,color_depth

Global mouse_x#
Global mouse_y#
Global mouse_scale# = 0.2 ; this is used if the mouse movement is too fast

HidePointer ; hide cursor
ShowPointer ; show the cursor

function read_mouse()

mouse_x# = MouseX() - (screen_size_x / 2)
mouse_y# = MouseY() - (screen_size_y / 2)

mouse_x# = mouse_x# * mouse_scale#
mouse_y# = mouse_y# * mouse_scale#

;return cursor to screen centre
MoveMouse( screen_size_x / 2,screen_size_y / 2 )

end function

The variables ,mouse_x# , mouse_y# tell you how much the mouse was moved in the x and y directions.

I call read_mouse() at each pass of my code.

Gravity is really easy to code.

You need to check if your player is on the ground,

gravity# = 0
gravity_constant# = 0.1

If player in contact with the ground

gravity = 0


;player in the air
gravity# = gravity# + gravity_constant#

;update the players y world position by subtracting gravity from it.
player y position# = player y position# - gravity#


The gravity# variable is vertical velocity and gravity_constant# is constant acceleration.

It's simply a case of subtracting the gravity# velocity from your players y position in order to fall the player back to the ground. Adding the gravity_constant# each time will accelerate the player towards the ground.

Also as a side note. There are a number of 3rd party physics wrappers available for blitz3d. These 3rd party libraries handle all the physics for you, but require a competent knowledge of blitz3d to use, so i wouldn't reccomend them for the beginner programmer.


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