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blitz3d code not wrong but program is :s

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Dim poem_db$(4096,2048,1024) ; Open the file to Read ; WE ARE NOW IN READ MODE (LOADING) Global c_POEM=1 Global c_STANZA=0 Global c_LINE=0 filein = ReadFile("TEXTFILE.TXT") c_POEM=c_POEM+1 c_STANZA=1 C_LINE=1 While Eof(filein)=0 Read1$ = ReadLine(filein) poem_db$(c_POEM,c_STANZA,c_LINE)=Read1$ c_LINE=c_LINE+1 Wend ; Close the file once reading is finished CloseFile( filein ) --------------------------------------------------------------------- blitz3d says "poem_db$(c_POEM,c_STANZA,c_LINE)=Read1$" make the "array index out of bounds", however at the variables are well inside those set in the DIM statement so... wtf is it doing?

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looks to me like it's c_LINE which is causing the problem.

It's difficult to test without your poem text file.

I'm not sure why youve set your variable c_poem to 1. Theres nothing wrong with it, it's just usual to set indexes to 0, ie, at the start of the array.

Global c_POEM=1
Global c_STANZA=0
Global c_LINE=0

and here you set them again ?


so, c_POEM becomes 2

Doesnt look necesesary to me, but then again it shouldn't present a problem.

My advice would be to rewrite the code slightly to use a 1 dimensionaly array.

When thats working, expand the code to a two dimensional array and then when thats working to change to the 3 dimensional array code you have here.

The problem probably lies with your text file.
You could also try reducing your array sizes, as this might be the error which blitz isn't reporting.


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I'm not sure if Blitz3D is case specific but you have used a capital 'C' for the second use of c_line.


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