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PWToolBox 1.0 Beta

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Description: PWToolBox is a cross-platform API providing common functionality for software. Although PWToolBox is part of the Project Wish software family, it is suitable for all types of software projects. Flavors: Win32 and Linux Features: The current version, PWToolBox 1.0, has the following features:
  • Extendable configuration support that uses streams for reading and writing. Two readers and writers are provided for you, allowing you to use INI or XML formatted configurations.
  • Commonly used exceptions deriving from std::exception.
  • Some Math functions we've found helpful in other projects
  • Memory management functions to help when you can't or don't want to use smart pointers.
  • Portable Plugin Manager capable of dynamically loading libraries that derive from the Plugin interface.
  • A high-precision timer to measure elapsed time, providing at least microsecond precision.
  • UID Generator. A lightweight object that helps when generating unique names.
  • Version Information utility using the major.minor.maitenence[.revision] [<build type>] version numbers, with support for comparing versions.
  • Singleton base class.
  • Python bindings
Documentation: Doxygen documentation can be found here: http://www.projectwish.com/pwtoolbox/doxygen/html You can also visit the dedicated forum for PWToolBox located here: http://www.projectwish.com/index.php?showforum=581 License: PWToolBox is licensed under the LGPL v2.1 license, with an optional unrestrictive license. We do not currently offer the unrestrictive license, but will expedite it if requested. If you are interested in an unrestricted license, contact: contact@projectwish.com. Roadmap: Version 1.1 Features
  • Optional thread-safe support.
  • Dataports
  • Non-intrusive property layers
  • Metadata
  • Logging
How can you help? Besides spreading the word, you can help us out by heading over to our forums and report any bugs you come across. We're also looking for linux package developers to make packages for us. Contact us if you can help. Who's using PWToolBox? We're interested to find out, so let us know. Download: Download both flavors from HERE. Feedback We would like as much feedback as we can get to help us improve the functionality. Our goal is to have this library actually be used by others, so we want to know how it can be improved. You can reply here or sign up to our forums to give feedback. P.S. The Senshi said it was okay to post this in here, rather than the announcements forum. [Edited by - Jerky on June 19, 2008 2:22:42 PM]

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