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Faked dynamicly animated water

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Hey there, I have a question regarding the implementation of a very big lake. I'm trying to create a rather large water surface. Water is only reflective (not refractive.) I am moving rowing boats over this water plane. With all settings on high (regarding the water) I want the water to feature boat wakes eg. dynamic waves caused by a moving boat. I also want the water to interact with the paddles of the boat when they hit the water. I figured that because I only have two sorts of interaction, circular-(by the paddles) and boat waves, I do not need to implement a fully dynamic system. My idea was to update the height or normal map of the water by just rendering the (prerendered) wave formations into a map. Also, I have artifacts caused by the reflection being cut of. I tried to solve the problem by moving the clipping plane a bit. This solved the problem but then the reflection looked kind of unrealistic. I read a thread here on gamedev stating the same problem but the author of that thread said the problem was caused by refraction instead of reflection. I must also note that I am trying to keep the tesselation count of the plane, which I use as the water surface, as low as possible. I don't want very big occean waves because I want a kind of flat surface for the boats to cruise on. Just a nice looking distorsion. Does anyone have a good idea of how I could implement this the best way? Do you think I should go for a fully dynamic animated water mesh, like described by Yann in his lecture about water? Or is there a simpler way I cant get my head around? Bas

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